A Killer brand

An insect repellant aerosol spray was to be launched by Abbot, a trusted pharmaceutical name. We designed packaging on different lines, with both a conventional and unconventional feel. Some of these ideas also included illustration based, colorful designs, slightly comic. We wished the message to be clear. That the contents are poisonous while lending it a not so repelling exterior look.

Back to nature

It is seldom one gets a chance to design international label designs for a prestigious company like Herbion. Launching a complete range of shampoos, the client required us to be involved from scratch. The range included herbal shampoos and conditioners in four variants. The job started with brand name suggestions to label design and included all promotional material for Russia as well as Pakistan.

The four variants designed and launched were Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Pomegranate and Olive. CLAREE was initially launched in Russia and Uzbekistan, then in US and Canada, and finally in Pakistan. Aesthetically pleasing these variants were required to look subtle but attractive keeping in view the targeted customer.

The story of purple blue

When Cadbury started their operations in Pakistan with an aggressive production plan for CDM , they initially launched a few small brands in their warming up phase. A Mango flavoured toffee, Yellow American Brickchew, was one of them. Although Robert Jones the Country Head, didn't like it personally as he was never a mango fan, saying “its a lousy fruit”. Eliza Clark was our next, and then came Eclairs and Softmints. We worked on all of them, in fact we were attached with Cadbury from day one when they had a small office setup, gearing up for the big business ahead.Sadly we had to part ways when they were ready to kick off their flagship brand CDM officially due to their global affiliation.