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Tools of seduction

Zuri, a Dubai based exclusive designer jewellery client required an exquisite face for their exquisite gems and jewels display. Jane an upcoming Russian model fit the bill perfectly. An exclusive outlet at the Mall of Emirates, Zuri boasts an array of modern and ethnic jewellery styles. Some of these were photographed and catalogued in a specially designed brochure.

Converge Technologies

Converge Technologies is a leading provider of technology-based marketing solutions and a digital media agency. Converge provides a wide array of services which includes digital media integration, content development, integrated marketing, mobility, technology enablement and value added services. We have done their total branding starting from company logo to corporate brochure and website to office branding.

Everything he touches

A very focused and tangible campaign designed for Gillette, a leader in men's skin care and shaving accessories, face washes, aftershaves and moisturisers. It was a comprehensive campaign focusing separate ads representing each category.

Cyma, the creative director came up with the idea of portraying the Gillette man as an ideal of both men and women. Manly and charismatic, he is physically fit, professionally successful, playful, focused, intense and above all, always in command. The entire print campaign focused on him being a part of different moods and surroundings.

Kitchens to fall for

Meeting the growing demands and aesthetic requirements in Kitchen interiors, one of our oldest client ‘Prestige Kitchens’ recently developed a Gourmet Kitchen Catalog with exceptional, contemporary and modern kitchen designs. As pioneers and importers of kitchen accessories from around the world, they are popular for both their domestic and professional kitchen ranges.

To catalog their numerous designs, an extensive shoot was arranged with a number of mock kitchen sets constructed to show off their main features and aesthetic appeal. It was a very detailed and exacting job and it took months for the entire project to be completed.

Fashion Explosion!

Lawn is a lightweight, favorite summer fabric for women, its popularity increasing phenomenally during the last few years. Serenely beautiful and sensuous, super model Rabiya is what every woman wants to be. Just the look desired for the launch of Bonanza’s latest addition to its apparel range. An explosion in the form of “Satrangi” a truly fabulous lawn collection in vibrant, beautifully designed prints conquered all. It was an awesome shoot, more so since it was a challenge to shoot a new product line. But wer’e no strangers to change. Infact we welcome it.

Top model: Heating up a Wild Winter!

Few winters back, a highly glamorous and seductive TV and Print campaign was launched with one of the top models of the year, Rabiya. It was a mega shoot with 4 models and almost eighty men and women outfits. This particular shot was executed with the help of heavy blowers that lent it wildness and mystery, a dangerous combination! The shot was talk of the town the entire time the campaign ran, especially as the trend leaned towards more conservative marketing. The director resurrected and sizzled the fashion scene with this hot campaign. He aimed for and scored, transforming the beautiful and sweet natured Rabiya into a fiery blend of an ice queen and the lorelei. She’s surely a sight to warm three winters! The TV commercial was filmed in the scenic and most beautiful mountainous northern areas of Pakistan, almost 11,000 feet above sea level. The temperature was freezing, the travel tiring. By the end of the 2 day shoot, we were ready to weep. The raving reviews later made it worth it all.


Our client Prestige Kitchen established in1968 has been making state of the art kitchens for the last 56 years. As it is a family concern, Prestige is more passionate than most and personally committed to deliver quality assurance. They are renowned for both their Professional and Domestic Kitchens.

We designed this illustration based print ad to convey the Chef’s pride in his art as well as his Kitchen. The kitchen looks elaborate yet artistic. We also designed a domestic kitchen ad on the same lines as both ads are part of the same campaign.

Love’s Magic and Misery!

An idealistic image from one of the more creative Bonanza campaigns, the feel and expression unexplainable.

The contrasting, complex facet of the two models, divided by all apparently, yet connected by a magnetism that surpasses all worlds. The connection is clearly visible in their intimate body language even while sitting apart. A connection that defies and challenges. Magnificent light by great photographer Khurshid Masood. A fantastic blend of mystery and devotion. It was one of the best and most talked about images in the fashion scene that year.

Pattaya: Adventure in the Seas

A most beautiful, sunny day it was. We were shooting on a sailing boat at Pattaya, in Thailand. The wardrobe was a fresh summer collection from Bonanza and we had an ideal canvas. The sea was a bit rough, so the talent and crew had to sway with the rocking boat. Hard to see that with Andrew here looking cool, arrogant and dashing. Talk about being professional!! An English model with several campaigns to his credit, Andrew is a man who talks less and delivers more. But alas, directors are an illogical species. During shoot he suddenly decided to capture a shot from out in the sea and a speedboat was arranged, after ofcourse a panic attack from the producer. However, he enjoyed a fabulous shot. Unfortunately the shot was not used in the campaign. But it was exciting and fun doing it!

Famous friends

Back in 1993, when we were infants ourselves, GSK and Nestle Pakistan were our first Clients ever. We managed a number of sales activities, promotions, merchandising and trade marketing assignments for them. Therefore we have a special emotional attachment and bonding with these giant multinational concerns.

Lucky to have worked on almost every Nestle brand launch particularly, we have also managed their Annual Sales Conference for three consecutive years. The planning started months in advance with the theme logo, song and video being highlights.

Targeted approach is the only way forward

You cannot be happy or feel pride at the completion of every campaign. There is always that nagging uncertainty that maybe you could have gone bolder, done better or styled a particular shot differently. It is rare, that euphoric accomplishment we experienced at the end of this particular shoot. Since it was designed as a fast paced, modern and vibrant TV ad in the bustling streets of Bangkok with only 2 days in hand for filming, the shots had to be perfectly composed. The shots were chased and shot with the accuracy of a sniper.

The four beautiful models, Taniya, Igor, Ivelina and Robin were fantastic, cooping with the fast wardrobe and location changes with smiles. Overall a jazzy, fast cut commercial for the Bonanza Winter Collection 2007.

Bukhari deep into details

Notice the Bounty Icecream Scoop on the container from MasterFoods France and then compare with this masterpiece shot by Ikram Bukhari, our local genius photographer. This icecream shoot was arranged to use for promotion of imported ice brands in Pakistan. The Client was amazed and extremely happy with the result. It takes very specialized skill to shoot icecream. Its a tricky job.

Bukhari is specialised in food photography and know for his super detailing. He is probably the senior most guy in this field and definitely the most humble and polite person on the face of this earth. He is a food stylist himself. Sometimes he cooks, styles and shoots it all. What a talent! We shot all five ice cream containers, Mars, Snickers, Twix, M&M and Bounty.

Meet Ivelina and Robin

You can never plan a candid shot. And its a blessing when it turns out as brilliant as this one did. Both the Client and ourselves are particularly happy with the look, feel and energy of this fun filled campaign.

Bulgarian model Ivelina Cheeva and French talent Robin were both amazing. True professionals with a natural chemistry, they gave a variety of expressions as required by us without any conscious effort. They were a vital part for the popularity of this campaign.

Baby Bottles

Product and Industrial photography are vastly different from the fashion scene. As is their advertising, promotion or other marketing activity. These pretty, colored and transparent small bottle like products are actually preforms that are blown into bottle shapes of different styles, shapes and colors as per customer demand.

This shot is one of many images we photographed for the company brochure of a market leading company GatroNova. Widely acknowledged and preferred by major CSD and Mineral Water brands in the world, the company is main supplier to both the Pepsi Company and Coke Pakistan. As the company also deals with APET Sheet extrusion and thermoforming it has also ventured and is supplying to many pharmaceuticals.

Man from Slovakia

Igor is a model from Slovakia. Distinguished, intelligent with a quick wit, he was great to work with. As it may appear, modelling is not an easy task. You have to be really tough to weather a 12 hour shoot, sometimes in extreme weather conditions and still appear glamorous and impeccable. He is a cool dude.

Virgin Bellini in the pool

Handsome and toned models look cool in every clothing style. As this shoot was actually at the pool, in the cool blue waters with models sipping chilled Virgin Bellinis, the summer statement and mood is hard to pass by. The campaign generated a fantastic push in sales as well, so much that the stock was actually in short supply for a few days.

GSK fights for chickenpox

Working with kids is always a pleasure. Especially one as cute and naughty as this little girl surely was. The image is taken for a Detail Aid for Varilrix, a vaccine for chickenpox. “Your daughter is a reflection of yourself” the theme is beautifully depicted in this young pretty lady wrapping herself in her mom’s dupatta and applying her makeup in front of the mirror.

Our Creative guy Ahmed tries to convey the importance of having oneself and our families vaccinated against chickenpox to avoid the pain and trauma of this illness especially as it may effect your entire family.

Hat Trick

Nestle the world's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company has graced the top of our client list for many years. Our most valued and profound memories are however of being sole incharge of conceiving, organizing and handling their Annual Sales Conference for 3 consecutive years.

It was more special to us as our core business then was basically concept and design. This trust was a big honour for us as the sales team included over 300 members each year. These years for us were as pure gold as this shiny medal.

Our project included a long list of responsibilities on both the creative and production end. We designed the year’s theme, slogan, motivational songs, certificates, backdrops to entertainment skits, venue branding and other support. They were 3 days full of fun and activities for the Nestle team. The 4th day ofcourse was CW treat day.

Box office success

As winter approaches each year, the fashion scene is transformed and so is the year around fashion shoots we design for our client. With this image here, you can imagine the romance and thrill as was the theme in this year’s campaign. The chemistry between the photographer, model and director clicked fast to create memorable shots and quite easily too! Cheers all around!!

Chiang Mai: A Mysterious Madonna!

This fall/winter Satrangi campaign is set against natural settings with an angelic Spanish model looking surreal and untouchable. The look was further enhanced by the intricate, richly embroidered, haute couture ethnic wardrobe.

The treatment for this entire campaign was dream-like and romantic, a flavor that appealed to the most exacting fashion critics.

Monster waves

It was fun shooting at Pattaya with Hungarian model Andrew on the sailboat. The collection was T-shirts and Polos, a vibrant new summer arrival for the coming season. It had been stuck for some time in our minds that we should do a fashion shoot at the sailboat and it happened just as we had dreamed. The skies were clear and the models great looking hunks. The exotic blue sea completed the picture. The experience was topped by the heavy tides that day, turning it into an adventure. Lek, our producer however was rock solid and accomodating. It would be unfair not to give her credit for the success of this shoot.

A Spring Painting

Spring is like a colourful palette that brings out the beauty in nature. Urva was the model and glorious flowery prints were the couture collection by Bonanza. This is a most familiar style of photography for us as we conduct it several times a year, but the inventive latest collection and the fresh beauty of the models keep these shoots from getting mundane. It always keeps us full of energy.

Winter storm

A power packed commercial, it provoked, welcomed, defied and challenged the elements. The arrogant expressions of both models complemented the aura of the ad. This image is taken from a still shot of the same campaign captured by Khurshid Masud. Actually the legendary photographer Khurshid has been a backbone to CW for many years, and still remains our strongest well wisher.

Bangkok: A Michael Angelo Model!

Andrij is Greek, with sharp chiseled features and could have modelled for Michael Angelo himself! Its as if Eros, the god of love has decided to visit the new era, attired in elegant high-end fashion suiting by Bonanza. The moment is superbly captured, the cut light emphasising the carved arrogant lines of his face.

The shoot was against modern structures and buildings in Thailand, complementing the new day grandeur of the formal collection.

Home Away from Home

We so often end up shooting in Bangkok, its like a second homeland. The primary reason for our choosing Thailand are its most professional and understanding workforce and secondly the innumerable idyllic locations to use as props or as a backdrop. Mina our model here is pure arrogance in the vibrant, cool summer collection.

We shot two models for these playfully light tops best for high summer season. The location here is the famous Pattaya beach. Pittaya Nontapaoraya is the photographer, an experienced, soft spoken guy, hard working and committed with his work.

Got it by default

An experienced director of photography in Bangkok, Picha was engaged in one of our shoots of a hit TV commercial for Bonanza. Credit for every great work goes directly to the concept guy and the director. But there is an entire team behind the success of every job well done.

You can certainly not avoid the contribution of a DOP who is always partnering the director to draw out his imaginations and capture them on film. Of course the production guy, choreographer, talent, make up and technical crew play a vital role as well.

Rowing and More

Sometimes when things are working smoothly, we go out of our way to make them difficult. The Bonanza Summer Catalog shoot is a perfect example.

We were required to shoot an entire range that included shirts, T-shirts, Polos, Shorts, Casual Trousers, Suiting’s and Women Wear. From rowing at the Boat Club to Bar-BQ at the farmhouse to shots at the Polo Club, we shot at 5 different locations. Maybe we assumed next summer might will not happen! I mean, did we leave any good location to shoot next season??