Stars on earth

GEO news channel assigned us to film a documentary on dyslexia. This documentary was to be released at the time of their launch of an award winning Aamir Khan film “ Taare Zameen Pey”. Fauzia was the project head and did all relevant research including available kids who were suffering from dyslexia, their parents, special care schools, their teachers, psychiatrists and successful young stars who overcome their short comings or are in the process of making their life normal. This documentary was informative and a mind opener. The main idea was for it to be released before the Film to create extra awareness and hype amongst the viewers. The main Film received numerous awards, including the Filmfare Best Film Award for 2008 and the National Film Award for Best Film on Family Welfare. It was also India's official entry into the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film.


Love at first sight

You just had to adore this young talented lady with the come hither smile. She was absolutely fabulous. A high spirited Brazilian, she’ll make you believe in life. Over the past decade we have worked with more than a hundred talented beauties but there are very few professionals you truly revere. Natasha is one of them. Hats off to her!

Dynamo Singer Atif

Atif Aslam is a Pakistani pop singer and film actor, who has made appearances in Bollywood films. We engaged him as celebrity star actor in 2005 for a Sony Ericsson cell phone K700i advertising campaign. The story moves around Atifs’ likeness for a girl and how he smartly uses K700i features help him convince his reluctant mother.

It was a full 360 degree campaign including Print, TV, Outdoors and Shop branding.


Some melodies are sunk in our hearts and give us pleasure whenever we tune in to them. A few such hits were resung, composed and filmed by us for a tv program designed for a younger audience. Tall, pretty Saima danced on this particular remix of Pakistani song “Dil Ko Jalai Tera Pyar” the remix composed by another CW friend Imu. Sonu Dangerous was choreographer and producer was Fauzia who managed the project with every inch of dedication. We failed to market these songs to a channel and the total effort went down to the drain. So now we have a great dance based remix songs program dumped in our archives.

Zara bewitches us all

This shot is from a masterpiece commercial filmed in the exquisite surroundings of Baluchistan. The most extraordinary fact is that it is in a mountainous region location facing the sea. Before the sea is a vast area of sand, so much that you can actually call it a desert. To our back was a natural lake with crocs sunning themselves out or bathing in the water. There are surely only very few places on earth that can claim all these natural splendors within a kilometer radius. For a short time, we were a small part of this wild beauty.

The Director of Photography was the one and only Suleman, whos presence itself is the assurance of success. Saima was the makeover artist, a woman so dedicated and in love with her art, her hands move like a painter making final worshiping strokes on her canvas. Khawar ofcourse has Directed this ad. as he has every other on the CW portfolio. Another special feature of this ad is its music, sung in the soul wrenching deep voice of Masooma, a local artist who was requested by Imu, our expert composer to travel from Lahore for this jingle.

The living Santa

This commercial is by far the best example of a trusting Client-Agency partnership. Bonanza, the biggest name in winter fashion wear granted us the opportunity to film this ad in Moscow. So despite the handicap of our not being able to have a pre production location raccee beforehand and therefore not sharing a storyboard with them,we were entrusted to film a commercial worth millions of rupees on faith alone. Aware of our responsibility and the opportunity presented to us, we took up the challenge with great excitement. From the majestic Red Square and their most famous pedestrian eclectic art street Arbat to the local bus, we developed the storyline and tried to capture the majestic history and splendor that is Russia.

Added bonus was the jolly Santa, selling local crafts who cheerfully accepted our request for being a part of our shoot and ofcourse the young boy playing merry tunes with his violin at Arbat.

Desert dares

Our work gives us the opportunity of meeting the most interesting people and visiting the most intriguing places. This corporate commercial took us to the remote desert of Cholistan. The shoot was most challenging as we had to create huts and a village set amidst the desert and transport was a big issue.

A crab faced truck, the only available means of local transport was loaded with props, not to forget a dry uprooted tree and the show began. It was an exhausting 2 day shoot with us lugging ourselves and our equipment across the desert for the different locations.

The TVC turned out a winner with the Tribal Head welcoming the modern, glamour models to his baithak as the finale. It was worth not being able to walk steadily for the next two days. Almost worth it!

Stars on earth

Like stars on earth News cannel GEO assigned us a documentary on dyslexia, whenever they sponsor a feature film they run related programmes to create awareness and necessary hype. This time they planned to go on air with the great Salman Khan movie Taare Zameen Par. It has received numerous awards, including the Filmfare Best Film Award for 2008 and National Film Award for Best Film on Family Welfare. It was India's official entry for the Academy Awards Best Foreign Film.

Fauzia was the project head and did all the relevant research including available kids who were suffering from dyslexia, their parents, special care schools, their teachers, psychiatrists and successful young stars who overcome their short comings or in the process of making there life normal. This documentary was informative and mind opener.

Our favorite heart-throb Star!

This is possibly the wittiest and most fun filled TV ad we ever filmed. Its a Sony Ericsson cell phone campaign, where Ali Azmat, our famed Pop Hero is flirting outrageously with a sexy young girl. During the entire ad he has appeared to be a model husband before his wife, while cheating on her unashamedly. His makeovers are over the top, his expression award winning.

Working with him was a most wonderful experience. The music and lyrics carry a recall of the most popular hit ‘It’s my Life.’

Toxic Ivelina Cheeva

As exotic as her name, Ivelina Cheeva is from Bulgaria, a central European country. Tall, fair and photogenic, her beauty is as rich and intoxicating as red wine. To top it off, she is intelligent and brainy. What more could one ask for in a professional model. As is very rare, all our models from this campaign were enthusiastic workaholics with Super Star looks.

Photographer Pittaya Nontapaoraya, an experienced, soft spoken guy was satisfied and enjoyed the shoot as well, even though it was long and tiring.

Ramchand Pakistani

Documentaries are different in nature, as they need a particular topic to explore, supported by facts and research. There is a load of initial preparation to be done before you go into conceiving the outlines and moving onto scripting mode. The idea generated after a film was shot by Mehreen Jabbar with Nandia Das as a lead. The film is based on a true story of a boy who inadvertently crosses the border between Pakistan and India and the ordeal his family has to go through that follows.

We filmed this documentary for our client Geo TV Channel before they launched the film Ramchand Pakistani. They wished to educate the audience on this issue, and make aware of the danger people face, knowingly or unknowingly while crossing the border. During shoot we met the real people of Thar on whom the characters of this film is based.