Targeted approach is the only way forward

You cannot be happy or feel pride at the completion of every campaign. There is always that nagging uncertainty that maybe you could have gone bolder, done better or styled a particular shot differently. It is rare, that euphoric accomplishment we experienced at the end of this particular shoot. Since it was designed as a fast paced, modern and vibrant TV ad in the bustling streets of Bangkok with only 2 days in hand for filming, the shots had to be perfectly composed. The shots were chased and shot with the accuracy of a sniper.

The four beautiful models, Taniya, Igor, Ivelina and Robin were fantastic, cooping with the fast wardrobe and location changes with smiles. Overall a jazzy, fast cut commercial for the Bonanza Winter Collection 2007.

Khawar believes in absolute beauty

“Being an artist means an instinctive flirtation and ongoing affair with beauty and art. Advertising is an addictive pleasure for him. Its his childhood sweetheart, his hot, current girlfriend. Some may even call it his obsession. Thirty years in this field and it still makes keeps him young and energetic. As a Creative Director, he believes in keeping focus on the communication target while wrapping it up in aesthetics and emotions as required. An articulate and headstrong rebel, he always arms himself with the right people against all odds. Khawar has a vast and long experience in advertising starting from his days as Art Director in Prestige [Grey] & IAL [Saatchi & Saatchi] during the 80’s. When the time was right and ripe, he moved out from the agency life and established his own design house, Creative Workshop that is successfully running its 21st year.

Hmmm... Chocolate!

It is surprisingly difficult for even us to believe on the number of world best chocolate brands we have worked on! We are extremely proud that our first chocolate client was Nestle Pakistan who was at the time introducing its products in the Central Asian region.We designed tons of POP material for Lion, and especially KitKat while eating tons of it ourselves.

Our next yummy Client was Cadbury, where we were privileged to redesign their Eclairs and Eliza Clark packaging. Cadbury was a valued client of Creative Workshop for 4 years. During this time, our company was involved in almost all creative’s for Cadbury chocolates.

Searle Pakistan is another of our esteemed clients and also a distributor of Mars, Bounty, M&Ms, Snickers and Twix in Pakistan. We have designed numerous POP material and done some shoot locally for them as well.

We have also been a part of launching Lindt Chocolates for importers ‘Brand Masters’. Our company has also managed a Polo Cup event sponsored by Lindt. Hershey’s in another brand we proudly claim to have been associated with through the same company.

Meet Ivelina and Robin

You can never plan a candid shot. And its a blessing when it turns out as brilliant as this one did. Both the Client and ourselves are particularly happy with the look, feel and energy of this fun filled campaign.

Bulgarian model Ivelina Cheeva and French talent Robin were both amazing. True professionals with a natural chemistry, they gave a variety of expressions as required by us without any conscious effort. They were a vital part for the popularity of this campaign.

Zehri, with the magic fingers

We usually do our telecine and color grading at Post Bangkok. Our favorite colorist Zehri is one of Post Bangkok’s best. He takes command of the project in hand and always adds value.

The best part about working in Thailand is the down to earth attitude, dedication and professionalism of the locals. The humble, pretty lady is the producer and the man on the left side is our CD & CEO, Khawar.

Ready for the take

No longer necessary, but some things never change. A conventional but still popular tool for keeping track of the number of takes, the clapperboard is like a ritual in the film making industry.

The most important part of filming is the ground work, the detailing and cloaking it around yourself so its a part of you. Also, its a not so small matter of millions of bucks and the even more valuable integrity you have earned in years.

A model’s soul

Our Account Head on Bonanza was a model herself before she joined CW. At times it is difficult to make out who is the actual model. Here she is helping our make-up artist make final touches to make the model more sensuous.

Lamiya is hardworking and emotional about all her tasks. As in addition to this she is also intelligent, she is surely a great asset.

Kitchens to fall for

Meeting the growing demands and aesthetic requirements in Kitchen interiors, one of our oldest client ‘Prestige Kitchens’ recently developed a Gourmet Kitchen Catalog with exceptional, contemporary and modern kitchen designs. As pioneers and importers of kitchen accessories from around the world, they are popular for both their domestic and professional kitchen ranges.

To catalog their numerous designs, an extensive shoot was arranged with a number of mock kitchen sets constructed to show off their main features and aesthetic appeal. It was a very detailed and exacting job and it took months for the entire project to be completed.

Fruit trifle

Hot, crispy, tangy, spicy or sweet, every job has its own texture and flavor. The lively, tangy but smooth feel of this dance based TVC is definitely like enjoying an exotic fruit trifle. From the beginning till the end, this TV ad is choreographed to express the joy, warmth and colors of winter.

Here in Pakistan, we are at times restricted and have to tone down the execution of our dances too much. However, I think, here we have succeeded and done justice to the expressions of this dance while remaining decent and classy.

Famous friends

Back in 1993, when we were infants ourselves, GSK and Nestle Pakistan were our first Clients ever. We managed a number of sales activities, promotions, merchandising and trade marketing assignments for them. Therefore we have a special emotional attachment and bonding with these giant multinational concerns.

Lucky to have worked on almost every Nestle brand launch particularly, we have also managed their Annual Sales Conference for three consecutive years. The planning started months in advance with the theme logo, song and video being highlights.

Man from Slovakia

Igor is a model from Slovakia. Distinguished, intelligent with a quick wit, he was great to work with. As it may appear, modelling is not an easy task. You have to be really tough to weather a 12 hour shoot, sometimes in extreme weather conditions and still appear glamorous and impeccable. He is a cool dude.

Toxic Ivelina Cheeva

As exotic as her name, Ivelina Cheeva is from Bulgaria, a central European country. Tall, fair and photogenic, her beauty is as rich and intoxicating as red wine. To top it off, she is intelligent and brainy. What more could one ask for in a professional model. As is very rare, all our models from this campaign were enthusiastic workaholics with Super Star looks.

Photographer Pittaya Nontapaoraya, an experienced, soft spoken guy was satisfied and enjoyed the shoot as well, even though it was long and tiring.

The Sin City

Its a lifetime experience! Vegas is the most popular city in the state of Nevada. An entertainment capital of the world it is famous for its mega casino hotels and associated entertainment. Scouting for locations, we were also fortunate to have explored this magical place.

Today Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The city's tolerance for various forms of adult entertainment earned it the title of Sin City, and has made Las Vegas a popular setting for films and television programs. It is located in the middle of the desert like an oasis of dreams that will take you to fantasy world.

Tools of seduction

Zuri, a Dubai based exclusive designer jewellery client required an exquisite face for their exquisite gems and jewels display. Jane an upcoming Russian model fit the bill perfectly. An exclusive outlet at the Mall of Emirates, Zuri boasts an array of modern and ethnic jewellery styles. Some of these were photographed and catalogued in a specially designed brochure.

Koo’s debut

After a fresh film making degree from Australia, Koo came back to his home city, Bangkok, full of energy and confidence. He applied it fully here and with great gusto worked with Khawar as Assistant Director at this TV ad shoot. He is completely in control here at the rehearsal for this dance based TV ad.

Koo is a part of the Flying Tiger Film Company, a local production house and Kanokwan Kriengrojkul [Lek] is the great Executive Producer for this project, a lovely human being. We have been working with them for the past 8 years. They are competent and very accommodating people to work with.

GSK fights for chickenpox

Working with kids is always a pleasure. Especially one as cute and naughty as this little girl surely was. The image is taken for a Detail Aid for Varilrix, a vaccine for chickenpox. “Your daughter is a reflection of yourself” the theme is beautifully depicted in this young pretty lady wrapping herself in her mom’s dupatta and applying her makeup in front of the mirror.

Our Creative guy Ahmed tries to convey the importance of having oneself and our families vaccinated against chickenpox to avoid the pain and trauma of this illness especially as it may effect your entire family.

Party after Pack up!

It just takes a shouted “Pack Up” from the Director for the party to start. Rehan, the Production Head, and Shahmin the Account Manager both committed colleagues of CW take full advantage, relaxing and chatting here with Jane our host and coordinator in Russia.

Jane and Anatoly were the initiators and played a vital role in the success of our shoot in Moscow City. Although it was more like the Arctic for us as we are used to the warm, balmy weather of Karachi.

Rowing and more

Sometimes when things are working smoothly, we go out of our way to make them difficult. The Bonanza Summer Catalog shoot is a perfect example.

We were required to shoot an entire range that included shirts, T-shirts, Polos, Shorts, Casual Trousers, Suiting’s and Women Wear. From rowing at the Boat Club to Bar-BQ at the farmhouse to shots at the Polo Club, we shot at 5 different locations. Maybe we assumed next summer might will not happen! I mean, did we leave any good location to shoot next season??

Bukhari deep into details

Notice the Bounty Icecream Scoop on the container from MasterFoods France and then compare with this masterpiece shot by Ikram Bukhari, our local genius photographer. This icecream shoot was arranged to use for promotion of imported ice brands in Pakistan. The Client was amazed and extremely happy with the result. It takes very specialized skill to shoot icecream. Its a tricky job.

Bukhari is specialised in food photography and know for his super detailing. He is probably the senior most guy in this field and definitely the most humble and polite person on the face of this earth. He is a food stylist himself. Sometimes he cooks, styles and shoots it all. What a talent! We shot all five ice cream containers, Mars, Snickers, Twix, M&M and Bounty.


Our client Prestige Kitchen established in1968 has been making state of the art kitchens for the last 56 years. As it is a family concern, Prestige is more passionate than most and personally committed to deliver quality assurance. They are renowned for both their Professional and Domestic Kitchens.

We designed this illustration based print ad to convey the Chef’s pride in his art as well as his Kitchen. The kitchen looks elaborate yet artistic. We also designed a domestic kitchen ad on the same lines as both ads are part of the same campaign.

Fall grace

Bold, intricate, heavily embroidered detailing on soft, luxurious fabrics make Bonanza ready to wear shimmer at the chicest parties. Shoot done in Bangkok with gorgeous East European model to make limited collection designer wear astound and appeal every style conscious woman.

Hidden leadership

An experienced director of photography in Bangkok, Picha was engaged in one of our shoots of a hit TV commercial for Bonanza. Credit for every great work goes directly to the concept guy and the director. But there is an entire team behind the success of every job well done.

Got it by default

An experienced director of photography in Bangkok, Picha was engaged in one of our shoots of a hit TV commercial for Bonanza. Credit for every great work goes directly to the concept guy and the director. But there is an entire team behind the success of every job well done.

You can certainly not avoid the contribution of a DOP who is always partnering the director to draw out his imaginations and capture them on film. Of course the production guy, choreographer, talent, make up and technical crew play a vital role as well.

Baby Bottles

Product and Industrial photography are vastly different from the fashion scene. As is their advertising, promotion or other marketing activity. These pretty, colored and transparent small bottle like products are actually preforms that are blown into bottle shapes of different styles, shapes and colors as per customer demand.

This shot is one of many images we photographed for the company brochure of a market leading company GatroNova. Widely acknowledged and preferred by major CSD and Mineral Water brands in the world, the company is main supplier to both the Pepsi Company and Coke Pakistan. As the company also deals with APET Sheet extrusion and thermoforming it has also ventured and is supplying to many pharmaceuticals.

Virgin Bellini in the pool

Handsome and toned models look cool in every clothing style. As this shoot was actually at the pool, in the cool blue waters with models sipping chilled Virgin Bellinis, the summer statement and mood is hard to pass by. The campaign generated a fantastic push in sales as well, so much that the stock was actually in short supply for a few days.

Box office success

As winter approaches each year, the fashion scene is transformed and so is the year around fashion shoots we design for our client. With this image here, you can imagine the romance and thrill as was the theme in this year’s campaign. The chemistry between the photographer, model and director clicked fast to create memorable shots and quite easily too! Cheers all around!!

Everything he touches

A very focused and tangible campaign designed for Gillette, a leader in men's skin care and shaving accessories, face washes, aftershaves and moisturisers. It was a comprehensive campaign focusing separate ads representing each category.

Cyma, the creative director came up with the idea of portraying the Gillette man as an ideal of both men and women. Manly and charismatic, he is physically fit, professionally successful, playful, focused, intense and above all, always in command. The entire print campaign focused on him being a part of different moods and surroundings.

The living Santa

This commercial is by far the best example of a trusting Client-Agency partnership. Bonanza, the biggest name in winter fashion wear granted us the opportunity to film this ad in Moscow. So despite the handicap of our not being able to have a pre production location raccee beforehand and therefore not sharing a storyboard with them,we were entrusted to film a commercial worth millions of rupees on faith alone. Aware of our responsibility and the opportunity presented to us, we took up the challenge with great excitement. From the majestic Red Square and their most famous pedestrian eclectic art street Arbat to the local bus, we developed the storyline and tried to capture the majestic history and splendor that is Russia.

Added bonus was the jolly Santa, selling local crafts who cheerfully accepted our request for being a part of our shoot and ofcourse the young boy playing merry tunes with his violin at Arbat.

Back to nature

It is seldom one gets a chance to design international label designs for a prestigious company like Herbion. Launching a complete range of shampoos, the client required us to be involved from scratch. The range included herbal shampoos and conditioners in four variants. The job started with brand name suggestions to label design and included all promotional material for Russia as well as Pakistan.

The four variants designed and launched were Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Pomegranate and Olive. CLAREE was initially launched in Russia and Uzbekistan, then in US and Canada, and finally in Pakistan. Aesthetically pleasing these variants were required to look subtle but attractive keeping in view the targeted customer.

Hat Trick

Nestle the world's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company has graced the top of our client list for many years. Our most valued and profound memories are however of being sole incharge of conceiving, organizing and handling their Annual Sales Conference for 3 consecutive years.

It was more special to us as our core business then was basically concept and design. This trust was a big honour for us as the sales team included over 300 members each year. These years for us were as pure gold as this shiny medal.

Our project included a long list of responsibilities on both the creative and production end. We designed the year’s theme, slogan, motivational songs, certificates, backdrops to entertainment skits, venue branding and other support. They were 3 days full of fun and activities for the Nestle team. The 4th day ofcourse was CW treat day.

Long distance flavors

Long distance communication is mostly tricky. But in this case it worked well to our advantage as the chemistry between our Art Director, Ahmed and the liaison Marketing Manager from Pollo Camperro, Ingrid clicked to produce great photography and promotional posters for display at the outlets in Los Angeles.

A few months later, at one of our Director’s visit, he was a part of the opening of their 53rd outlet in the US in the state of San Francesco. Even with the threat of thunderstorm and heavy rainfall, the love of Latina Grilled Chicken prevailed that day bringing in droves of food enthusiasts. We are happy to have been associated with such a yummy brand.

Ace photographer

He is the Super Star Photographer of the advertising and showbiz industry. God gifted, extraordinarily talented and popular, this is the great Khurshid Masood, and one of his kind. A tall, dark giant with a marshmallow heart. Plays with the light like a magician, he has total command in light manipulation and its behavioural science. Goes into minor detailing when capturing a portrait. Master of product and special effect photography, which is the most difficult of all.

Khurshid is equally good in fashion, food and industrial photography. He loves to work on world latest and advanced equipment and therefore rules the most state of the art studio.

Why is he on our web home page? Because he is Workshops' best friend and greatest well wisher. He has contributed generously in our success. As a photographer with 30 years of experience behind him, he has clicked the miniscule fiber optics to the Boeing 747. His personality holds the same multifaceted layers, some unveiled, others as deep as his art.

Desert dares

Our work gives us the opportunity of meeting the most interesting people and visiting the most intriguing places. This corporate commercial took us to the remote desert of Cholistan. The shoot was most challenging as we had to create huts and a village set amidst the desert and transport was a big issue.

A crab faced truck, the only available means of local transport was loaded with props, not to forget a dry uprooted tree and the show began. It was an exhausting 2 day shoot with us lugging ourselves and our equipment across the desert for the different locations.

The TVC turned out a winner with the Tribal Head welcoming the modern, glamour models to his baithak as the finale. It was worth not being able to walk steadily for the next two days. Almost worth it!

Home away from home

We so often end up shooting in Bangkok, its like a second homeland. The primary reason for our choosing Thailand are its most professional and understanding workforce and secondly the innumerable idyllic locations to use as props or as a backdrop. Mina our model here is pure arrogance in the vibrant, cool summer collection.

We shot two models for these playfully light tops best for high summer season. The location here is the famous Pattaya beach. Pittaya Nontapaoraya is the photographer, an experienced, soft spoken guy, hard working and committed with his work.

Body language

Nighat Chaudhry is a name that is recognized throughout Pakistan for Kathak, a traditional form of dance. Today as ever, Nighat is poised to take the world along on this mystical journey, as a performer, a teacher and a visionary.

Choreographed a TV ad for us in remote, scenic and unexplored Baluchistan. This picture is taken during rehearsal on-location as she was helping movie star Zara Sheikh dance steps. Director Khawar and Zara Sheikh watch closely.

Nighat is confident, spontaneous and knows how to express emotions through her art. People like her, who give their lives and souls to their art remain in the hearts of their fans forever.

Ramchand Pakistani

Documentaries are different in nature, as they need a particular topic to explore, supported by facts and research. There is a load of initial preparation to be done before you go into conceiving the outlines and moving onto scripting mode. The idea generated after a film was shot by Mehreen Jabbar with Nandia Das as a lead. The film is based on a true story of a boy who inadvertently crosses the border between Pakistan and India and the ordeal his family has to go through that follows.

We filmed this documentary for our client Geo TV Channel before they launched the film Ramchand Pakistani. They wished to educate the audience on this issue, and make aware of the danger people face, knowingly or unknowingly while crossing the border. During shoot we met the real people of Thar on whom the characters of this film is based.

Dynamo Singer Atif

Atif Aslam is a Pakistani pop singer and film actor, who has made appearances in Bollywood films. We engaged him as celebrity star actor in 2005 for a Sony Ericsson cell phone K700i advertising campaign. The story moves around Atifs’ likeness for a girl and how he smartly uses K700i features help him convince his reluctant mother.

It was a full 360 degree campaign including Print, TV, Outdoors and Shop branding.

Love at first sight

You just had to adore this young talented lady with the come hither smile. She was absolutely fabulous. A high spirited Brazilian, she’ll make you believe in life. Over the past decade we have worked with more than a hundred talented beauties but there are very few professionals you truly revere. Natasha is one of them. Hats off to her!

A spring painting

Spring is like a colourful palette that brings out the beauty in nature. Urva was the model and glorious flowery prints were the couture collection by Bonanza. This is a most familiar style of photography for us as we conduct it several times a year, but the inventive latest collection and the fresh beauty of the models keep these shoots from getting mundane. It always keeps us full of energy.

Its never too late!

This is an off-shoot snapshot of Director Khawar, his AD, Koo and the lead model Justin taking it easy right after a long tiring shoot. During this shoot we met many foreign models and other behind the camera professionals. One is never too old to learn and this shoot proved to be a great learning ground for us, even after 20 years in the industry.

Zara bewitches us all

This shot is from a masterpiece commercial filmed in the exquisite surroundings of Baluchistan. The most extraordinary fact is that it is in a mountainous region location facing the sea. Before the sea is a vast area of sand, so much that you can actually call it a desert. To our back was a natural lake with crocs sunning themselves out or bathing in the water. There are surely only very few places on earth that can claim all these natural splendors within a kilometer radius. For a short time, we were a small part of this wild beauty.

The Director of Photography was the one and only Suleman, whos presence itself is the assurance of success. Saima was the makeover artist, a woman so dedicated and in love with her art, her hands move like a painter making final worshiping strokes on her canvas. Khawar ofcourse has Directed this ad. as he has every other on the CW portfolio. Another special feature of this ad is its music, sung in the soul wrenching deep voice of Masooma, a local artist who was requested by Imu, our expert composer to travel from Lahore for this jingle.

Converge Technologies

Converge Technologies is a leading provider of technology-based marketing solutions and a digital media agency. Converge provides a wide array of services which includes digital media integration, content development, integrated marketing, mobility, technology enablement and value added services.

We have done their total branding starting from company logo to corporate brochure and website to office branding. /p>

Monster waves

It was fun shooting at Pattaya with Hungarian model Andrew on the sailboat. The collection was T-shirts and Polos, a vibrant new summer arrival for the coming season. It had been stuck for some time in our minds that we should do a fashion shoot at the sailboat and it happened just as we had dreamed. The skies were clear and the models great looking hunks. The exotic blue sea completed the picture. The experience was topped by the heavy tides that day, turning it into an adventure. Lek, our producer however was rock solid and accomodating. It would be unfair not to give her credit for the success of this shoot.

The story of purple blue

When Cadbury started their operations in Pakistan with an aggressive production plan for CDM , they initially launched a few small brands in their warming up phase. A Mango flavoured toffee, Yellow American Brickchew, was one of them. Although Robert Jones the Country Head, didn't like it personally as he was never a mango fan, saying “its a lousy fruit”. Eliza Clark was our next, and then came Eclairs and Softmints. We worked on all of them, in fact we were attached with Cadbury from day one when they had a small office setup, gearing up for the big business ahead.Sadly we had to part ways when they were ready to kick off their flagship brand CDM officially due to their global affiliation.


Some melodies are sunk in our hearts and give us pleasure whenever we tune in to them. A few such hits were resung, composed and filmed by us for a tv program designed for a younger audience. Tall, pretty Saima danced on this particular remix of Pakistani song “Dil Ko Jalai Tera Pyar” the remix composed by another CW friend Imu. Sonu Dangerous was choreographer and producer was Fauzia who managed the project with every inch of dedication. We failed to market these songs to a channel and the total effort went down to the drain. So now we have a great dance based remix songs program dumped in our archives.

Winter storm

A power packed commercial, it provoked, welcomed, defied and challenged the elements. The arrogant expressions of both models complemented the aura of the ad. This image is taken from a still shot of the same campaign captured by Khurshid Masud. Actually the legendary photographer Khurshid has been a backbone to CW for many years, and still remains our strongest well wisher.

A Killer brand

An insect repellant aerosol spray was to be launched by Abbot, a trusted pharmaceutical name. We designed packaging on different lines, with both a conventional and unconventional feel. Some of these ideas also included illustration based, colorful designs, slightly comic. We wished the message to be clear. That the contents are poisonous while lending it a not so repelling exterior look.

Life Coach

Quarter of a century’s ignorance could not stale the brisk sensation of confidence and creativity instilled in me when I was cheered and brought in limelight by one “Majestic Mateen Khan” whose tender encouragements and bold endorsement promoted me to the position of the Director of Art at Prestige Grey, a leading national advertising agency in Pakistan.

He is both mentor and a life coach as this spirited man’s teachings have been a beacon in both my art as well as my dealings as a Creative Hotshop Head.

Stars on earth

GEO news channel assigned us to film a documentary on dyslexia. This documentary was to be released at the time of their launch of an award winning Aamir Khan film “ Taare Zameen Pey”. Fauzia was the project head and did all relevant research including available kids who were suffering from dyslexia, their parents, special care schools, their teachers, psychiatrists and successful young stars who overcome their short comings or are in the process of making their life normal. This documentary was informative and a mind opener. The main idea was for it to be released before the Film to create extra awareness and hype amongst the viewers. The main Film received numerous awards, including the Filmfare Best Film Award for 2008 and the National Film Award for Best Film on Family Welfare. It was also India's official entry into the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film.