“Being an artist means an instinctive flirtation and ongoing affair with beauty and art. Advertising is an addictive pleasure for him. Its his childhood sweetheart, his hot, current girlfriend. Some may even call it his obsession. Thirty years in this field and it still makes keeps him young and energetic.

As a Creative Director, he believes in keeping focus on the communication target while wrapping it up in aesthetics and emotions as required. An articulate and headstrong rebel, he always arms himself with the right people against all odds.

Khawar has a vast and long experience in advertising starting from his days as Art Director in Prestige [Grey] & IAL [Saatchi & Saatchi] during the 80’s. When the time was right and ripe, he moved out from the agency life and established his own design house, Creative Workshop that is successfully running its 21st year.