Khawar Salim

Shortest ever autobiography

"Isn't life just like that?" He ask in his autobiography, Love and Mystery. Uphill and Hopes. It is not just any life that this question targets, however: it is his life–virtually ended by a brutal stroke. As he lay unmoving, expressionless, he felt virtually dead, so reason he decided to write: to prove that creativity, at least, he still had life in him. So, with his iPad held to his chest with his left hand, and his thumb pressing the keys in a staccato rhythm, he began to type.

Rendering the emotions-268 in total-with rigor was a painstaking exercise, and many months passed before the task could be completed, but at last he felt he had captured the happenings of his life, and hopefully the very nature of human existence, in a succinct manner. For the very act of crafting get the world's shortest autobiography allowed him to traverse time, with the book starting when he was not here, and finishing in the unknown of where we disappear to when we are once again no longer here.

So tiny: you can read it in your palm. Thought as life is so diminutive, passes like a dream, why not it's story in the shortest manner.


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