Zehri, with the magic fingers

We usually do our telecine and color grading at Post Bangkok. Our favorite colorist Zehri is one of Post Bangkokís best. He takes command of the project in hand and always adds value.

The best part about working in Thailand is the down to earth attitude, dedication and professionalism of the locals. The humble, pretty lady is the producer and the man on the left side is our CD & CEO, Khawar.


Ready for the take

No longer necessary, but some things never change. A conventional but still popular tool for keeping track of the number of takes, the clapperboard is like a ritual in the film making industry.

The most important part of filming is the ground work, the detailing and cloaking it around yourself so its a part of you. Also, its not so small matter of millions of bucks and the even more valuable integrity you have earned in years.


Model’s charm

Our Account Head on Bonanza was a model herself before she joined CW. At times it is difficult to make out who is the actual model. Here she is helping our make-up artist make final touches to make the model more sensuous.

Lamiya is hardworking and emotional about all her tasks. As in addition to this she is also intelligent.


The Sin City

Vegas is the most popular city in the state of Nevada. An entertainment capital of the world, it is famous for its mega casino hotels and associated entertainment. Scouting for locations, we were also fortunate to have explored this magical place.

Today Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The city's tolerance for various forms of adult entertainment earned it the title of Sin City, and has made Las Vegas a popular setting for films and television programs. It is located in the middle of the desert like an oasis of dreams that will take you to fantasy world.


Fruit trifle

All talent doing rehearser with choreographer, a day before the shoot in Bangkok. Hot, crispy, tangy, spicy or sweet, every job has its own texture and flavor. The lively, tangy but smooth feel of this dance based TVC is definitely like enjoying an exotic fruit trifle. From the beginning till the end, this TV ad is choreographed to express the joy, warmth and colors of winter.


Body language

Nighat Chaudhry is a name that is recognized throughout Pakistan for Kathak, a traditional form of dance. Today as ever, Nighat is poised to take the world along on this mystical journey, as a performer, a teacher and a visionary. Choreographed a TV ad for us in remote, scenic and unexplored Baluchistan.

This picture is taken during rehearsal on-location as she was helping movie star Zara Sheikh dance steps. Director Khawar and Zara Sheikh watch closely.

Nighat is confident, spontaneous and knows how to express emotions through her art. People like her, who give their lives and souls to their art remain in the hearts of their fans forever.


Bangkok: Behind the scene!

Every concept, project or idea is the director’s baby. To take command, be flexible and still retain the essence of your concept, such is the magic of a director. Khawar has proved himself adept at storytelling visually and maintaining great rapport with the talent.

Unfortunately, he never learned to have fun on the set! [proof of this is his insincere smile from the TVC set] However he has a gift of finding a way inside his characters’ heads.


Koo’s debut

After a fresh film making degree from Australia, Koo came back to his home city, Bangkok, full of energy and confidence. He applied it fully here and with great gusto worked with Khawar as Assistant Director at this TV ad shoot. He is completely in control here at the rehearsal for this dance based TV ad.

Koo is a part of the Flying Tiger Film Company, a local production house and Kanokwan Kriengrojkul [Lek] is the great Executive Producer for this project, a lovely human being. We have been working with them for the past 8 years. They are competent and very accommodating people to work with.


Party after Pack up!

It just takes a shouted “Pack Up” from the Director for the party to start. Rehan, the Production Head, and Shahmin the Account Manager both committed colleagues of CW take full advantage, relaxing and chatting here with Jane our host and coordinator in Russia.

Jane and Anatoly were the initiators and played a vital role in the success of our shoot in Moscow City. Although it was more like the Arctic for us as we are used to the warm, balmy weather of Karachi.


Hidden leadership

An experienced director of photography in Bangkok, Picha was engaged in one of our shoots of a hit TV commercial for Bonanza. Credit for every great work goes directly to the concept guy and the director. But there is an entire team behind the success of every job well done.

You can certainly not avoid the contribution of a DOP who is always partnering the director to draw out his imaginations and capture them on film. Of course the production guy, choreographer, talent, make up and technical crew play a vital role as well.


Its never too late!

This is an off-shoot snapshot of Director Khawar, his AD, Koo and the lead model Justin taking it easy right after a long tiring shoot. During this shoot we met many foreign models and other behind the camera professionals. One is never too old to learn and this shoot proved to be a great learning ground for us, even after 20 years in the industry.


Move with the rhythm

This image is captured during a rehearsal for a musical, dance based TV ad shot in Thailand. The ground work and pre-production for this one was massive. It took several days for model hunt and two days of rehearsals after which the director was finally satisfied. The real challenge was not just the dance steps but the friendly and fun element between the models.

The result is a perfectly choreographed impactful ad, with gorgeous energetic models moving to a hip music track.


It must be after shoot

Nobody is allowed to cheer up or feel light during a Khawar's shoot. He appreciate only serious and extremely look serious people around. This shot must be after pack up: left producer Lek, middle is the assistant director Film and behind is chief make-up artist.


Photography. Make up. Direction.

Khurshid, Saima and Khawar. Malam Jabba is the location. It is a hill station and skying resort in the Hindu Kush mountain range nearly 40 km from Saidu Sharif in Swat Valley. Amna Haq was the main talent in that TVC.


Great Niggi and beautiful Saima

Location was Agore near Hingol river in Balochstan. Right is Khawar. Nighat Chaodhry in the middle, famous Kathak Classical dancer was our choreographer and left is Saima, extremely good stylist.


After shoot in Moscow

Team enjoying at Arbat Pedestrian Street. From left: Production Coordination Jane, producer Anatoly, Production Coordination Rehan, Account Manager Shahmin and DOP Salman.


Oh. What a Big pack up!

Such a big group photo after pack up of a TVC in Bangkok. Creative Workshop people, Flying Tiger production team, photographers, models, make up, DOP, director and other crew members are in the picture. That TV Commercial was totally based on choreographed moves.


Warming up with blow-dryer

Our friend and popular photographer, Khurshid feeling cold. It was winter and early morning in Hunza. Rehan production head warming him up with blow-dryer, while crew getting the shot ready as the time flying out.


Innocent Shrek

Our Shrek is a little less in weight, and looks a little non serious. BUT when he do shoot: you find him serious more than anyone on earth.


First success at Gulmit

We shot a TV Commercial at Gulmit, which is in Gilgit-Baltistan region. Superstar Meera and Moammar Rana were in the cast, this heavy budget TVC was Khawar's one of initial TVC's working as director.

These local girls had some dancing steps with Meera in the last shot, Khawar appreciated and felt thankful, in the middle.

Standing here at Taskim Square, planning and marking the locations for our shoot, we were thrilled. Among many other great locations and props was the historic Tram that travelled from the medieval Genoese area around Gelata Tower leading to Taksim Square.

Istanbul: Touching two continents

Istanbul, a blend of two cultures, an exotic blend of our heritage and future and possibly the only country that is partly Asian and partly European is connected through the 700 feet long modern hanging Bosphorous bridge over the Marmara Sea.

Unfortunately, due to technical factors we were unable to film in this fabulous city as was our desire.


When there was no balls of such ventures here in Pakistan, we opened up this
first ever HotShop in 1993, almost 25 years back.