Khursheed Masood
Khursheed Masood
CEO. Colortrans

My long association with Khawar has indeed been very enlightening. I learnt a lot. It"s such a great pleasure to work with creative people despite their short temper.

Cyma Zulfiqar
Creative Director. Evernew Concepts

In almost fifteen years of advertising there are only a few who have inspired me. Khawar is at the top of that list. He has taught me the meaning of work ethics and devotion. I have learnt watching him work with a passion and commitment that is rare.

John Kirkwood
Director Visas Australia NZ

We did quite a few challenging projects with Khawar who started from scratch and in a race against time delivered spectacular results. Will forever be my trusted ally.

Erum Shakir
Director Business Communications, Glaxo SmithKline

Understands brand synergy very well and delivers design communication solutions that work!

CEO. Nikmat Printers

Khawar is indeed one of the best Creative Directors to work with - technically and aesthetically speaking that is.

Sarmad A. Ali
Executive Director Marketing, Jang Group of Publications

Right from the very first day of his employment, I have been a witness to his slow and steady growth. Wish him years of more successes.

Saima Rasheed
Renowned Make-up Artist & Hair Designer

As far as working with Khawar is concerned it is always like Ôfire & iceÕ. He is so demanding and perfect that we both achieve 100% quality.

Wahib Aslam
Director Enterprise Solutions South Mobilink Pakistan

Though I would love to work with him, I simply fail to understand him. But to me he will remain one to be cherished, adored and respected as a professional and as a friend.

Imran Irshad
CEO. Pirana M&C Saatch

He is still the old hermit, a total outcast, though he deserves more from what he does and gets. Still he is all hope for that big day. This is what endears me to him.

Sabiha Jafri
Director Operations. Pirana M&C Saatchi

Khawar has grown in stature and so have I by learning a lot from his insights and approach to work.

Abdul Mateen Khan
Creative Director & Mentor. Prestige Grey Worldwide

Its always great to see your discovery charting his own course and reaching destinations. I am happy to state that Khawar is one such discovery that makes me proud, everyday!

Jamal Mir
CEO. Prestige Grey Worldwide

A true blue-eyed boy at Prestige. I still miss him and respect him for his vision and great work.


When there was no balls of such ventures here in Pakistan, we opened up this
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