Premier Globalex

You just had to adore this young talented lady with the come hither smile. She was absolutely fabulous. A high spirited Brazilian, she’ll make you believe in life. Over the past decade we have worked with more than a hundred talented beauties but there are very few professionals you truly revere. Natasha is one of them. Hats off to her!


Strong networking in Toronto

Premier GlobaleX is a fast growing marketinÇnto. CEO is Ex Nestle: Shahab Aziz, workaholic and a true gentleman. He has many companies started with the common word 'Primer' and now he formed a parent company.

He is proud to be a Canadian, and is aggressive. Takes head on to every issue comes in, so we add maple leaf in 'P' roundel, for proud Canadian association and add blue color for corporate feel. This total composition has aggression and progress with honour.


Soulspa. Self Realization Meditation Healing

It is a place where you can experience the health benefits of mindfulness based stress reduction, completely secular and science-based. Keeping in mind the purity, we designed hand drawn sketch showing part of sunflower like a calm, free soul. It is like an invitation for a peaceful life.


Ultimate Dzire

What a wise brand name of a male contraceptive: Dzire. Client was Parazelsus, a French multinational. Our colleague Ammad came with this brilliant name.

We made so many logos, but, at the end they finalise one close to one famous male contraceptive brand logo. It is quite an estiblsed band now and successfully drawing it's share from contraceptive total market sales.


Converge technologies

Converge Technologies is a leading provider of technology-based marketing solutions. They provide a wide array of services which includes digital media integration, content development, integrated marketing, mobility, technology enablement and value added services.

We have done their total branding starting from company logo to corporate brochure and website to office branding.


Clip.Clip. Is a artful craft

Clippers men salon, CEO Humayun who bring revolution in male grooming has open up a new outlet with the tag: Clippers Gentlemen. More courteous, advanced and improved services: more chivalrous interior.

Keeping the brief in mind we came up with a curvical band adding under Clippers written 'Gentlemen Salon' in classy retro style. And we add in small font 'Established' line. This was gelling in nicely with the ambiance. If you remember 24 years back we designed the actual first Clippers logo.


Caracrete. Pavers and concrete blocks

We have given them brand name 'Caracrete'. 'Cara' from Carapace, the hard upper shell of a tortoise, and 'crete' taken from concrete. Client loved it, and registered their logo along with the tagline 'love thy nature'.


US2PK. Delivery service from US to Pakistan

US2PK is a client who provides delivery service from USA to Pakistan. You can shop online from all of US, and they bring your valuables home to you. We redone their branding, designed office interior and done internal office branding.

They have a warehouse in Delaware, where every shopping you do online first reaches there, and then, shipped safely prompt to Pakistan.


Leanbean. The low cal cuisine

Leanbean was an office lunches delivery for health conscious people. We came up with a very basic hand drawn emblem for less cooked, very basic nutritious food. Tagline we recommended was 'Ignite your passion for healthy life'.


Chuckles. Young mother's and kids salon

No one ever came up with kids salon here in Karachi. We involve then mothers as well. Logo itself explaining the whole story. We designed two exclusive portions: one for kids and the other for women.

We do the interior as well, inviting, playful and happening for kids. Young and classy for mothers.


Maple Mart. Bringing home world's specialty foods

Online store for Toronto city. Maple Mart is a rhythmic name and we showed a maple leaf representing Canada. Green to yellow means all seasons all natural organic products.


V4. Entertainment

It is a production house, they do post production work and entertaining content like drama serial and other programmes for TV Channels. Editing an CG work is also their domain.


MAP. Holidays and Tours

Done this exercise for a travel agency. They organise world tours for different groups. If you are planing a holiday, better consult them for hassle free tour.


Premier Polmarex. Importer and distributors

It is a big company registered in Toronto under premier umbrella. They are trading mostly food products between Canada, UK, Pakistan, Europe and Philippines.


Snap. Anti-Bacterial Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Like many other brand names 'Snap' is suggested by us. They launched with toilet bowl cleaner and glass cleaner.

The toilet solution is slightly more gel than liquid which coats the toilet bowl easily. It cleans, deodorise, remove stains and more, safe for marine life.


Nappy. Baby diapers

Design this logo for little babies, even though babies do not understand what is made for them at that age, but families do. It is a lovey-dovey type font with heart felt emotions. We positioned them 'soft and dry'.


Taste like sugar

We are expert in coining brand names. Glyvia is ours. Extract from Glucose and Stevia. Glyvia sweetener tablet. Colors are like natural, herbal. This is the minimal element in a packaging, effective and powerful.


Comelle. Sweetened Condensed Milk

This is one of the famous logo whole nation knows. Comelle is still number 1 in its category. It has been conceived more than 30 years, in 80's for a new upcoming sweetened condensed milk brand.

After that client added some products under Comelle umbrella like Desi Ghee and Full Cream Milk Powder.


Karachi Kids Carnival

It is an organised kids carnival, thought, organised and marketed by a professional group of people. The thought is Karachi is a cosmopolitan city does not have much for young kids. The slogan is 'it's cool to be a kid'.


Limbourg. Spreadable

Millac has launched their cheesy spread. We suggest brand name 'Limbourg', inspired from city in Belgium, where Corman factory is located. Corman is the manufacturer of world best butters, creams and functional milk facts. This is the real taste of cream cheese formulated by Corman Belguim.


Canachef. Italian frozen food company

It is a new registered frozen food company in Canada who imports frozen specialty foods like Ravioli, Prosciutto and Pasta.

Raviolis were created in the Roman era. Most popular Raviolis are the ricotta and spinach, generally really filling.


Shamsi Builders. Builders and Contractors

We had a chance to conceive SB branding more that 15 years back. And now once again upgraded their branding. This logo is mature and modern, going well with this time.


When there was no balls of such ventures here in Pakistan, we opened up this
first ever HotShop in 1993, almost 25 years back.