Khawar and friends with Amir Khan, the Birtish professional boxer

The King Khan of the UK

Amir Khan, the Birtish professional boxer was our client in 2015. He is a former unified light-welterweight world champion having held the WBA title from 2009 to 2012, and IBF title in 2011. We had full rights to promote and market him in Pakistan for some extra milage.

This was the dinner in his honour with his family, shaking hands with Sarmad Ali, Managing Director Jang Media Group. Khawar and Akbar in the middle.

Khawar and Zehri, with the magic fingers

Zehri, with the magic fingers

We usually do our telecine and color grading at Post Bangkok. Our favorite colorist Zehri is one of Post Bangkok’s best. He takes command of the project in hand and always adds value.

The best part about working in Thailand is the down to earth attitude, dedication and professionalism of the locals. The humble, pretty lady is the producer and the man on the left side is our CD & CEO, Khawar.

Khawar and friends, at International laser show

International laser show

We planned seriously an international level laser and videotecnik show here in Karachi, spend months on it. Hamza was initiated this idea at first. During our preparation we met Boris from Bocatec, Hamburg. He is the owner and chief executive of Bocatec, the chief designer of the shows. He do shows internationally.

Ahmad, Hamza, Boris and Khawar joining hands for this project success.

Khawar's preferred photographer, Khursheed Masood
Why is he on our home page? Because he is close to our hearts and he is Workshop's great well wisher. He has contributed generously in our success, like give Bonanza in the platter and helped us retain it for 14 long years.

Ace photographer

Here is the genius photographer of all times, beautiful soul, serving advertising and showbiz both with command. Extraordinarily talented and popular, great Khurshid Masood. A tall, dark giant with a marshmallow heart.

Plays with the light like a magician. Goes into minor detailing when capturing a portrait. Master of product shoot and special effect photography. Khurshid is equally good in fashion, food and industrial photography. He loves to work on world latest and advanced equipment: therefore rules the most state of the art studio.

As a photographer with 40 years of experience behind, he has clicked the minuscule fibre optics to the big Boeing 747. His personality holds the same multifaceted layers: some unveiled, others as deep as his art.

Khawar directed Clippers Gentlemen innugration

Clippers Gentlemen innugration

This picture have been taken at the Inauguration ceremony of 'Clippers Gentlemen'. We did designed exclusive invitation card, backdrop and discount vouchers. Starting from right: Humayun CEO, Arsalan a friend specialises in photography and than a model in 80's getup.

Khawar's life coach

Life Coach

Quarter of a century’s ignorance could not stale the brisk sensation of confidence and creativity instilled in me when I was cheered and brought in limelight by one “Majestic Mateen Khan” whose tender encouragements and bold endorsement promoted me to the position of the Director of Art at Prestige Grey, a leading national advertising agency in Pakistan.

He is both mentor and a life coach as this spirited manís teachings have been a beacon in both my art as well as my dealings as a Creative HotShop ahead.

Khawar celebrates his birthday

Surprise Birthday. Humayun did it

Humayun, Owner of Clippers is Khawar's close buddy. He arrange a surprise gathering at his basement on Khawar's birthday. It was a real surprise because Khawar's friends were joining in as they got time, till late. He haven't met most of them recent past. From right: Great Bonzo, caring Humanyun, birth boy Khawar and dependable Abdul Bari.



When there was no balls of such ventures here in Pakistan, we opened up this
first ever HotShop in 1993, almost 25 years back.