Enjoy winter with Bonanza. TV Commercial

You just had to adore this young talented lady with the come hither smile. She was absolutely fabulous. A high spirited Brazilian, make you believe in life. Over the past decade we have worked with more than a hundred stunning models but there were very few professionals you truly revere. Natasha is one of them. Hats off to her!


Atif's first crush: No one knows. TV Commercial

Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer-songwriter and actor. He has recorded numerous chart-topping songs and is known for his vocal belting technique. We engaged him as celebrity star actor in 2005: when he was not that big, for a Sony Ericsson cell phone K700i advertising campaign.

The story moves around Atif’s likeness for a girl and see how smartly he uses K700i features to help him convince his reluctant mother. It was a full 360 degree campaign including Print, TV, Outdoors, POS and Shop branding.


Remixed song for young ones

Some melodies live in our memories forever, and give pleasure whenever we tune-in. A few such hits were resung in a modern way, composed and filmed for a younger audience.

Tall, pretty Saima danced on this particular remix of Pakistani song ‘Dil Ko Jalai Tera Pyar’, the remix composed by another CW friend Imu. Sonu Dangerous was choreographer and producer was Fauzia who managed the project with every inch of dedication. We somehow failed to market these songs to a channel. So now we have a great dance based remix songs dumped in our archives.


Shirts theft. TV Commercial

The concept was Bonanza shirts are like treasures. Mani tried to theft them from a house wardrobe but no one knows they were on laser security protection. He got panic as he touched them and security alarm started ringing. He was about to caught.


The living Santa. TV Commercial

This commercial is by far the best example of a trusting Client-Agency partnership. Bonanza, the biggest name in winter fashion wear, granted us the opportunity to this film in Moscow. So despite the handicap of our not being able to have a pre production location raccee beforehand and therefore not sharing a storyboard with the client, we were entrusted to film a commercial worth millions of rupees on faith alone. Aware of our responsibility and the opportunity presented to us, we took up the challenge with great excitement.

Added bonus was the jolly Santa, selling local crafts who cheerfully accepted our request for being a part of our shoot and of course the young boy playing merry tunes with his violin at Arbat.


Stay cool. TV Commercial

A new technology introduced in cloth, UV Treatment, which, according to Bonanza, helps protect heat to pass through. Actor and television host Faisal Quraishi was the celebrity. Neat, properly conceived TVC was made with calculated shots and smooth editing.

There is cool sea surfing animation running on his white shalwar Quameez throughout to reinforce the concept.


Desert dares. TV Commercial

Our work gives us the opportunity of meeting the most interesting people and visiting the most intriguing places. This corporate commercial took us to the remote desert of Cholistan. The shoot was most challenging as we had to create huts and a village set amidst the desert and transport was a big issue.

The TVC turned out a winner with the Tribal Head welcoming the modern, glamourous models to his baithak as the finale. It was worth not being able to walk steadily for the next two days. Almost worth it!


Stars on earth. Documentary

GEO News Channel assigned us to film a documentary on dyslexia. This documentary was to be released at the time of their launch of an award winning Aamir Khan film ‘Taare Zameen Pey’. This documentary was informative and a mind opener, run before the film released on Geo Channel.

Fauzia was the project head and did all relevant research, arrange kids who were suffering from dyslexia, we interviewed their parents, teachers, psychiatrists and successful young stars who had overcome their short comings or are in the process of making their life normal.


Reema and Noami. TV Commercial

Beautifully shot TVC on 35 format at Siri Paye, 6 km high on a mountain peak from Shogran. Location was lush green plateau in heavens, awe-inspiring to look at. It was Khawar's first shoot as director, and top of it was with a superstar Reema. Noami was the male lead.

A crew of 20 people gone all the way Karachi to Paye, hardly took first shot and then black clouds came in and it started thunderstorm and heavy rain. We can't shoot even next day, Reema was booked for another shoot and rain was continuos, so we came back down-heartedly. It was a nightmare for everyone of us.

We went there again after monsoon and shot remaining film, nice TVC came out of bad experience in the very start.


Ali Azmat. TV Commercial

Bon Jovi's song 'it's my life' was the theme of this TVC. Ali Azmat had a rock life outside home, miserable at inside. Natasha did his wife's role, bossy and authoritative. Unfortunately Ali and his wife, both got benefited with the advantages of Sony Ericsson K750i features. But at the end wife wins and Ali got trapped. It was a funny TVC with a high recall.


Public Service message by GSK

This animated low budget TVC was made for public awareness against Flu Virus. 'Flu is contagious and catches one to another. Get flu protection vaccines immediately' was the message for people. Colourful characters were initially made and got approved by client before animation. Voiceover and music was done by Mujeeb.


Privillaged to be associated with Bonanza. TV Commercial

Since it was designed as a fast paced, modern and vibrant TVC in the bustling streets of bangkok with only 2 days in hand for filming, the shots had to be perfectly composed. The shots were chased and shot with the accuracy of a sniper. The four beautiful models, Taniya, Igor, Ivelina and Robin were fantastic, cooping with the fast wardrobe and location changes with smiles. Overall a jazzy, fast cut commercial for the Bonanza Winter Collection 2007.


Tap dance. TV Commercial

This TVC was for Bonanza shirts. Juni himself was a choreographer, he and Rachel Gill was lead in this Tap dance TVC. We design wardrobe for every individual, there was no extras. All were models that's why the whole group responded warm and accurate. Every shot was conceived on the paper before the shoot. Background music was synchronised with dance steps. This commercial came out a real hit, client run it for more than three years so you can have an idea how much they loved it.


Song 'Tere piyaar mein'

Imraan Danish has very expressive voice, he sung this great song probably on his own composition. It is a soft romantic number, we plan visuals on each stanza according to thought and word. The idea to take piano at the seaside was excellent. This assignment was given to us by Geo Channel, bad luck for Imraan that Geo did not have proper funds as always. We call such type of productions a commercial venture.


Nothing else, except Bonanza. TV Commercial

It is one of the most popular ever commercial in our Bonanza history. Client run it more than 4 years. Can u imagine?

The idea behind this Commercial was that Bonanza Shalwar Qameez was so fascinating that anyone who saw, react extreme and freakish, did not hold his dress and tore it off next moment.


Meera and Moammar Rana. TV Commercial

This was Khawar's favourite TVC, and first one as director as well. In most of his Bonanza commercials, he was the CD, did the concept, gave direction and wrote the jingle. That's why he conceives each and every frame well before the shoot. He knows exactly what he wanted. This TVC was shot at Gulmit, Gilgit-Baltistan region. Meera and Moammar Rana were the lead stars and did marvellous work.

There were two little local girls who were needed to gave some choreographed moves with Meera, and what a performance they did? Khawar's most commercials have warmth and feelings, emotions and kind of story, he always involve locals in his story board. That's why Bonanza TVC's had regional appeal and soft emotions, all these TVC's have a strong bounding with this soil.


Ramchand Pakistani. Documentary

Documentaries are different in nature, as they need a particular topic to explore, supported by facts and research. There is a load of initial preparation to be done before you go into conceiving the outlines and moving onto scripting mode. The idea generated after a film was shot by Mehreen Jabbar with Nandia Das as a lead from India.

We filmed this documentary for our client Geo TV Channel before they launched the film Ramchand Pakistani. They wished to educate the audience on this issue, and make aware of the danger people face, knowingly or unknowingly while crossing the border. During shoot we met the real people of Thar on whom the characters of this film was based.


Remix song 'O! Dil jala na dilwalay'

We planned to make a remix songs programme for TV Channel. So we picked a few songs from Golden Classic era, remix them on modern beat and shot on fresh talent. Here we picked 'O! Dil jala na dilwalay' from film Koel, 1959. Singer was Zubaida Khanum.

This remix composition was done by Imu, Workshop shot it on Maya, the new upcoming talent at Purple Haze.


Remix song [old style] 'Hum nay tu tumhay dil'

This was another song, we kept the original composition intact but shot with new talent. Actual song was from film 'Payal ki jhankar' sung by Saleem Raza. Nomi was the male dancer here and Sonia was the beautiful female model. This song had been shot outdoors. Both had done true justice with their performance, this result had come out just after one-day rehearsal, initially planned to shoot it again as if we successfully sold the idea.


Stunning Rabia. TV Commercial

What a beautiful start this commercial has? Khurshid took that shot with the help of Shahmin at Hunza. This time we took a senior citizen with us to show our product users belong young age to old generation.

Khawar written this lively jingle and Imu did the composition with the same spirit. This commercial has a feel that it has came out with the winter chill breeze. And as always it has the same regional flavour which gave it an ethnic charm.


Zara bewitches us all. TV Commercial

This shot is from a masterpiece commercial filmed in the exquisite surroundings of Baluchistan. The most extraordinary fact is that it is in a mountainous region located facing the sea. Before the sea is a vast area of sand, so much that you can actually call it a desert. To our back was a natural lake with crocs sunning themselves out or bathing in the water. There are surely only very few places on earth that can claim all these natural splendors within a kilometer radius. For a short time, we were a small part of this wild beauty.

The Director of Photography was the one and only Suleman, whos presence itself is the assurance of success of a TVC. Saima was the makeover artist, a woman so dedicated and in love with her art, her hands move like a painter making final worshiping strokes on her canvas.


Parazelsus multimedia presentation

It is a complex coordination to produce a multimedia for a corporate client. First we need to decide the text, briefed and focused. You always know what will be on screen when these words will be delivered through voiceover. We arrange a harmony between text flow, animation, video clip or pics in a calculated duration. Then we go to record a proper voiceover.

All the components we arrange on timeline, sincrinized with voiceover. It is very calculated skilled job, a presentation should always be smooth and communicating.


Bonanza kurta. TV Commercial

This commercial was for one single product only. We conceived it fast and hip. At the end it had beautiful wrapping, only Mujeeb could do, nobody else. Commercial got popular specially jingle which had both Urdu and English words in it.

Salman was the DOP and Khawar was the director and wrote wrapping words, we never see him wearing kurta, but he conceived this and shot it. Some of our office colleagues also participated as a model in this TVC.


Frosty Amna in snowfall. TV Comercial

It was snowfall season when we shot Amna Haq in Malam Jabba. It was a Hill Station in the Hindu Kush range in Swat Valley, the most active and popular ski-resort in Pakistan.

The background of all shots was pure white because of heavy snow. TVC was around skiing and all the fun related to snow. The male lead was chivalrous Ahmed Butt, model and a film actor. Amna did try some skiing and we got quite a few valuable shots. It came out a naughty and playful Film.


Falling for love. TV Commercial

This is simply a style statement more than a TVC. Romantic and extreme melodies. We bet you never had a chance to listen such a jingle, which is in two languages, Urdu and English and gelling-in so beautifully.

Magical Amna and four other models, everyone enjoying deeply, has a feel to fall for. Salman was DOP. This beautiful jingle was composed by Shez, who sings English songs and do compositions. Smooth and perfect edit. Khawar was the director and wrote lyrics.


'Yayhee tu piayar hay'. TV Commercial

These beautiful shots were supported by musical beats only, did not require words. Classy treatment, high speed film. Chill winter, Antique MG, Irish rest house, British GQ type outfits and a group of elegant models. This is the story of Bonanza clothing range, that's why we say it all close to heart.

Khawar Raiz was specially called for his outstanding make up and styling. He did the all still photography. The other Khawar, belong to workshop did the direction.


Rowing and polo. TV Commercial

We never did an assignment go simple. That is called Creative Workshop. We shot this commercial in Karachi and Lahore.

Again it is shot on high speed. Lots of shots including, rowing, polo, club, old railway station, rich garden party and old building interior. Salman make every shot immaculate, Khawar was the director. Great Khawar Riaz was on styling, make up and photography.


Remix song 'O! Dil jala na dilwalay'

We planned to make a remix songs programme for TV Channel. So we picked a few songs from Golden Classic era, remix them on modern beat and shot on fresh talent. Here we picked 'O! Dil jala na dilwalay' from film Koel, 1959. Singer was Zubaida Khanum.

This remix composition was done by Imu, Workshop shot it on Maya, the new upcoming talent at Purple Haze.


Folk Dance TV Commercial

We planned to make a remix songs programme for TV Channel. So we picked a few songs from Golden Classic era, remix them on modern beat and shot on fresh talent. Here we picked 'O! Dil jala na dilwalay' from film Koel, 1959. Singer was Zubaida Khanum.

This remix composition was done by Imu, Workshop shot it on Maya, the new upcoming talent at Purple Haze.



When there was no balls of such ventures here in Pakistan, we opened up this
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